Welcome to Scott Barnim Pottery

What I make is beautiful art that becomes part of your daily life.

I saw a potter working when I was five and was certain this was for me. My training began as an apprentice, and finished with an MFA from Cardiff, Wales. The studio/showroom is located in an 1850’s stone house and stable in the heart of Dundas, Ontario. You’ll find my studio line of durable stoneware table/kitchen ware, dinnerware and decorative accessories inspired by the natural beauty of the Dundas Valley. From an everyday bowl to stunning decorative piece, for more than 35 years Scott brings style to any interior.

I also create reduced Islamic lustreware, challenging work that I make for my own pleasure. The technique is complex and expensive, the work precious. So far as I know the only pottery working in this field in all of North America.

Scott is a founding member of the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour, a diverse group of talented full time professional artists who open there studios for a tour twice a year. To see information about Beyond the Valley, please click on the link below.


Why did I not set up an online shop? Well I may, however for the time being you will just have to do this old-school and contact me directly to place an order. Email is good for starters, and maybe a phone conversation to establish what you’re looking for and what I have here. With handmade studio work it is always going to be different than the piece featured on my website. So write me, call me, I’ll take some photos of what I have on hand, I can email them back to you and you can confirm your order.

Preparing an order for shipping takes time and materials. I charge fee to cover the cost of packing materials, time spent packing, billing and customs forms for international shipping, and trips to the post office. The fee varies depending on the complexity of the shipment. I can ship worldwide by post or courier.

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