PDFScott Barnim Towards Alchemy

2011 Ceramic Technical-issue 33. Scott Barnim-Towards Alchemy
2007 Fusion Magazine, summer issue
2004 Fusion Magazine, Scott Barnim Lustreware, winter issue.
2002 The Ceramic Surface, Matthias Ostermann, A & C Black.
2002 Fusion Magazine, the Value of Apprenticeship.
2000 Looking Forward, New Views of the Craft Object.
1996 Ontario Craft Nov/Dec issue
1995 Visitors, a Guide to the Essential Hamilton.
1993 Craft News Spring issue
1993 Hamilton This Month Winter issue
1992 Imperial Oil Review June issue
1991 Ontario Craft September issue
1989 Ontario Craft December issue
1987 Ceramics Monthly April
1985 Ceramics Monthly April



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